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Conservatives can’t afford to ignore the young

The Times

Research Fellow Ted Christie-Miller wrote for Times Red Box on what the Conservative Party needs to do to reconnect with young people. He writes:

“Research from the IFS shows that those born in the 1980s will be more reliant on inheritance than any generation before them. This new trend is causing a long-term reversal of social mobility by shifting potential life outcomes away from individual wealth creation and towards inherited wealth.

“This problem has been exacerbated by a Conservative Party which has favoured the old over the young. The most recent example of this is the national insurance rise put forward to plug the gap in social care. In short, this amounted to those with incomes — the younger generation — paying more tax to pay for the social care of the older generation. All done so the older generation do not have to move out of their homes, which have increased in value at unprecedented levels, to pay for their social care.”

You can read the full piece here.



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