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Free speech ‘protectors’ have allowed antisemitism to thrive


Onward Director Sebastian Payne discusses the role universities have played in allowing antisemitism to rise in the i.  He writes:

Larry Summers is no tubthumping right-winger. The former president of Harvard University has long-standing links to progressive American politics – not least as Bill Clinton’s Treasury secretary and a key economic adviser to Barack Obama – but even he has had enough. After the horrendous 7 October attacks on Israel, he lambasted a letter from students solely blaming Israel for the attack, and critiqued the university’s long delay in responding. Summers has banged the drum consistently since about the double standard that has emerged in the most elite institutions on antisemitism.

The fact that Summers – an economist chiefly known for his pugilistic debating style and a cameo role in the creation of Facebook – has thrown himself into this debate speaks to the depth of the moral rot in academia. By exposing their inability to call out the growing hatred of Jews on campuses, he has highlighted the abysmal critical thinking skills and the leadership’s unwillingness to stand up to the radicalised minority of views of their students. Whereas Summers has shown moral leadership on calling out these petri dishes of racism, the same can sadly not be said of his successor and their peers in other institutions.”

Read the full article here. 

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