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High street plans could bring 58,000 empty shops back into use

On 13th June, 2022, we published our report ‘Street Bids’, that found that the Government’s plan to force landlords to lease vacant shops could bring up to 58,000 units back into use – including thousands in the North and Midlands.

Director Will Tanner, co-author of the report, was cited in The Daily Telegraph and The Independent , commending the Government’s steps to make empty shops available to communities.

The Daily Mirror referred to the report’s finding that rising vacancy rates meant that there were tens of thousands of empty shops across the UK.

Will Tanner also discussed the findings of the report on LBC.

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Read the report: Street Bids


Street Bids: How compulsory rent auctions could save Britain’s high streets

Forcing landlords to lease vacant shops via a compulsory rent auction could bring up to 58,000 empty high street units back into use.