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How to make the Tories popular


Onward Director Sebastian Payne discusses how to make the Conservatives popular in the i. He wrote:

‘With net migration at record-breaking and unsustainable levels, nine out of ten constituencies want lower migration and are willing to adopt tough measures to achieve it. Tackling this is foundational to any Tory revival. Nor will you find many on the right arguing against slashing “the burden of tax and regulation stifling our economy and raising the costs of living”. All Conservatives want a streamlined and efficient state.

PopCon’s commitment to an end of net zero “zealtory” with pragmatism in energy policy to provide better security and low prices was muddled. Contrast the Government’s approach to delivering net zero in a sustainable way to Labour’s thinking on the £28bn of green investment, and it’s obvious where the fanaticism actually lies.’

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