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How to revive UK’s science and innovation slump

Research Professional

Senior Researcher Maria Priestley wrote for Research Professional about how to turn the UK into a science superpower. She writes:

“While PPPs continue to be controversial, the UK’s current R&D landscape presents a need for robust and well-coordinated partnerships built on entrepreneurial expertise, resources and power. This cannot be achieved by either the public or private sector in isolation.

“The next prime minister will have a difficult task in trying to revive the UK’s investment in R&D. Through careful delegation, and learning the mistakes of the past, PPPs managed under the right performance indicators could give businesses the chance to do what they do best and to get invested in rebuilding the UK economy.”

You can read the full piece here.

Rocket Science: How can the UK become a science superpower?

If the UK is to be a “science superpower”, we need to rethink our strategy for science.

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