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How to stop criminals capitalising on the declining police presence on Britain’s streets

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Back to Basics

How neighbourhood policing can make streets and communities safer

Nick Timothy wrote about why Britain needs to reindustrialise in the Daily Telegraph. 

Senior Researcher Callum Newton discusses declining police presence and the Back to Basics report in Conversative Home.  He writes:

‘Britain’s streets have rarely been safer. Crime has fallen by three-quarters since its peak in the mid-1990s, with incidents of criminal damage and robbery also falling rapidly over the last decade. Yet only half of the public believe the police are doing a “good job”, and the number of people who feel the Government is handling the issue of crime “well” has halved since 2020. Politicians and chief constables should be reaping the benefits of safer streets, but instead are facing a public confidence crisis.

There’s lots of reasons why the public feels unsafe. For many, it stems from a lack of reassurance and safety associated with seeing ‘bobbies on the beat’. Police patrols are becoming a thing of the past on Britain’s streets. This hasn’t gone unnoticed: when asked, a visible police presence is the most popular response to improving community safety, with 38 per cent of the public saying that more police on the streets is the best way to combat crime. If the police and government are serious about restoring people’s confidence they must get back to the basics of local policing. Onward’s new report calls for exactly that, proposing a reinvigorated approach to neighbourhood policing which rebuild a community presence and deters criminality at its source.’

Read the full piece here.