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If levelling up is the vision, net-zero and scientific innovation are the tools

House Magazine

Will Tanner writes for the House Magazine on the big decisions facing the Prime Minister in the coming months. He writes:

“It is not hyperbole to say that the decisions taken in the next three months will define Boris Johnson’s premiership. As the country returns to normality, Downing Street must simultaneously substantiate its ambitions on “levelling up”, set the UK on a pathway to net-zero, and build Britain into a science superpower. If Johnson succeeds, his legacy will be secure. If he fails, he could be toast.

“The scale of ambition is akin to a party entering government after a decade regrouping in opposition – as Tony Blair did in 1997 and David Cameron in 2010 – not a party with the baggage of 11 years in power and the exhaustion of a pandemic. But this famously utopian Prime Minister appears dead set on having his cake and eating it. And, despite the economic and political hangover from coronavirus, he is right to be restless. Parliament is nearly mid-term; he may not get his chance again.”

You can read the full piece here.

Levelling Up Growth-Enhancing Spending

Rebalancing growth-enhancing spending

Nick Timothy wrote about why Britain needs to reindustrialise in the Daily Telegraph.