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In search of a plug for the blackhole, Hunt must not cull investment in our future

City AM

Matt Burnett, Head of Onward’s Science Superpower research programme writes for CityAM on why the governmen’t R&D policies are vital to economic revival. He writes:

“The best way to restore Britain from its economic malaise is through innovative businesses investing in cutting-edge R&D. Business confidence has taken a battering with Brexit, Covid-19 and political instability. Through it all they have relied on R&D tax incentives to help them invest in the future. The chancellor can increase business confidence with wise reforms to the scheme that send the clear signal that Britain is an Innovation Nation. Cutting support for R&D would send the opposite message, and doom us to an inevitable economic decline.”

Read the full article here.

Incentivising Innovation: Reforming R&D Tax Credits

How to reform R&D Tax Credits to incentivise innovation when public finances are stretched.

City AM

Onward's Deputy Director, Adam Hawksbee outlines how we can avoid another cost of living crisis in City AM.

The Guardian

Birthrate in UK falls to record low as campaigners say ‘procreation a luxury

The Guardian quotes Head of the New Deal for Parents Phoebe Arslanagić-Little discussing how the UK is pricing people out of parenthood.


Onward's Director Sebastian Payne discusses the need for a national neighbourhood policing uplift across the UK in the i.


Onward's Director Sebastian Payne discusses the impact that threats of violence towards MPs can have on democracy in the i.

The Telegraph

Raise council tax to fix policing, says think tank

The Telegraph discusses Onward's Back to Basics report that urged the Government to scrap the current £13 cap on council tax increases to allow local authorities to support further policing.