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Keir Starmer doesn’t realise the family is crucial to a prosperous future


Director Sebastian Payne writes Britain will achieve a more cohesive society by embracing the pillars of family, community and nationhood, as our new report, The Case for Conservatism, reiterates. He says:

“To contend with a resurging Labour, the centre-right must provide more sunshine.

What that vision should be, is answered in a new Onward report, the first of three endeavours from our Future of Conservatism project. At the core of this research is a strong belief in the pillars of family, community and nationhood — structures that are more natural for those on the right of politics than the left. Their roots have long existed in conservative thinking and they should be rediscovered when contemplating the ups and downs of recent decades.”

Read the full op-ed here.

The Case for Conservatism

The Case for Conservatism: Rebuilding our economy, restoring our community

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Future of Conservatism Director Gavin Rice wrote for the Critic about why the media’s idea of the centre ground is wrong. 

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Future of Conservatism Director Gavin Rice explains why legal immigration is still rising post-Brexit in the Daily Telegraph.


Sebastian Payne, Director of Onward, discusses the Autumn Statement in iNews.