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Local communities deserve benefits in return for green infrastructure

The Times

Head of Energy and Climate Change, Jack Richardson writes in the Times regarding our new report ‘Power to the People’. He writes:

“In just 12 years, Britain will be a net power exporter. The UK will run on the winds that blow across these isles and the sun’s rays, while selling excess energy to our friends across the English Channel and the North Sea. Abundant clean energy will fuel economic growth and ensure we cannot again be held to ransom by petrostates.

However, to get there, we need an increase in renewables. The Climate Change Committee estimates that we will need 2,600 more offshore wind turbines, 3,250 onshore wind turbines, and to quintuple our solar capacity. Nuclear and gas are crucial to the mix, but wind and solar power will do much of the heavy lifting.”

You can read the full article here.

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