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Local leaders should prioritise crime to achieve levelling up


Shivani Menon, researcher on the Levelling Up programme at Onward, wrote an op-ed for Local Government Chronicle. She writes:

“This agenda is too often judged as an economic knot to be unravelled to produce higher productivity, more growth, better jobs and skills. But a stronger social fabric is critical for a wealthier, happier country. It is no use opening a swish shared workspace if residents are too scared to walk to the shops or sit on a bench. There is no hope of restoring pride in place if there is visible drug taking while police pay little attention.

“[…] Onward’s report Levelling Up Locally sets out a playbook of tested interventions that can be implemented with the powers and resources already available locally. By tackling crime, fostering civic pride and helping vulnerable families, local leaders can help residents feel safer in their communities.”

Read the full piece here.

Levelling Up Locally

A guide for local leaders to level up their communities

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