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Why the Tories must be the party of the ‘red wall’ and the southern heartlands.

On December 3rd 2020, Onward published No Turning Back, a new report which examines the UK’s new electoral geography and exposes the myth that new Red Wall voters are different from the core Tory vote.

No Turning Back - Breaking The Red Wall in 2019

Major study of the 2019 General Election explores the fall of the Red Wall, the importance of Workington Man, and the politics of the post-2019 electorate.

The Times

One of the key findings of Onward's report entitled 'No turning back' was that while Conservative voters were similar to each other in terms of values and attitudes, Labour voters were not so nearly aligned.

The Post

Onward provides a report on Britain's demographic tribes.

LBC Radio

Will Tanner speaks to LBC Radio about Onward's new report, 'No Turning Back'.

Conservative Home

James Blagden, senior researcher at Onward, writes for Conservative Home about No Turning Back, our major analysis of the post-2019 electorate where we found that one in five Conservative voters supported the party despite it not being their ideal choice.

The Times

A new report, No Turning Back, published today by the think tank Onward, serves as a reminder that the victory was hard-won, even against Jeremy Corbyn, because it involved the construction of a remarkable new electoral coalition of interests.