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Metro mayors need new powers and stronger accountability

Local Government Chronicle

Deputy Director and author of Onward’s ‘Give Back Control’ report Adam Hawksbee wrote for the Local Business Chronicle on the findings from the report, making the case for greater capacity and accountability to be given to local mayors. He writes:

“[…] one reason the Conservatives are now winning in Wolverhampton and Hartlepool is because the public see the value of local Conservative mayors delivering for their area. The prime minister, a former mayor, and levelling up secretary Michael Gove both understand this and the levelling up white paper committed to offering every part of England a devolution deal by 2030 if it wants one.

“[…] we are proposing a range of new accountability mechanisms, including the establishment of powerful new scrutiny panels comprised of MPs, councillors and members of the public, as well as a new Office for Mayoral Analysis to provide impartial public information on mayors’ work.”

You can read the full piece here.

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