Michael Gove is the right person to level up the country

i Newspaper

In a column for the i Newspaper, Will Tanner argues that the appointment of Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Levelling Up should give people confidence:

Drawing on a 2008 speech by Michael Gove, Will writes:

“It is this vision for a more locally rooted society, as well as his personal record as one of the Government’s most able reformers – as demonstrated in education and justice – that makes Gove’s appointment as Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities the most significant of last week’s reshuffle.

“It suggests that Levelling Up will not be a repetition of past attempts to induce regional growth from the top down – through big infrastructure or centralised targets – or by government getting entirely out of the way. Instead it hints at a desire to foster the self-governing places from which economic prosperity and social belonging tend to naturally spring.”

You can read the full column here.

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