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Ned Hammond: How a Green Energy Covenant would help win over local opposition to essential power infrastructure

Conservative Home

Ned Hammond, Senior Researcher for the ‘Getting to Zero’ programme writes for Conservative Home about Onward’s new ‘Power to the People’ report. He writes:

The net zero debate is often dominated by discussions about how we can generate power. What is less discussed is how we move all this new electricity around.

Moving away from gas means even more demand for electricity, from heat pumps to electric vehicles to electric arc furnaces for steel. To cope with the extra demand, the UK needs to double the capacity of its transmission power lines by 2035.

Most of the additional capacity of the transmission network – those very large pylons with high voltage power lines – will be delivered through upgrading existing lines so they can carry more electricity. But we will still need around ten per cent more length in these larger power cables to connect new energy sources to the grid.”

You can read the full article here.

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