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Net zero: without innovation it won’t happen


Onward’s Francesca Fraser wrote for Reaction about our latest report, Green Shoots, which explores the need to boost innovation in order to get to net zero. She writes:

“Given the fact that net zero has been the law of the land for two years now, you would hope the highest emitting industries are throwing significant amounts of capital at new technologies to deliver against legislative commitments and to service consumer demand. Yet the reality is very different.

The current trajectory of emissions is not decreasing at a quick enough rate to reach net zero by 2050. A lot of emphasis is directed towards what the individual can do to help – eat less red meat, cycle to work, offset one’s flights abroad – but the reality is none of these actions get close to the scale of change that is needed without significant changes in the underlying technologies which drive our economies. Net zero cannot be about cutting things back, it must be about spurring innovation on.”

You can read the full piece here.

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