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Nicola Sturgeon’s exit is big opportunity for unionists

The Times

Sebastian Payne writes for the Times on what Nicola Sturgeon’s exit could mean for unionism. He writes:

“[…] there are two bigger groups where the future of the union will be decided. The “progressive middle”, 30 per cent of the population who are moderate, want better public services and only slightly favour independence. They were Sturgeon’s people and are the ones disillusioned by her domestic record and the foolishness she has pursued with gender recognition reform. The others are the “working-class swing”, 8 per cent of the population who represent the most pro-Brexit part of Scotland.

“With those in mind, pro-Union voices must act with determined purpose. The first task is to advocate commonsense unionism: the UK is a natural economic, cultural and social unit. Scotland and the rest of Britain are symbiotic and make each other better. Whether it is business investment, delivering energy security or better public services, the case for Britishness is backed up by facts and hard reality, not the utopian fallacy of going it alone.”

Read the full piece here.

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