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Onward’s impact on the Levelling Up White Paper

On 2nd February 2022, Michael Gove published the Levelling Up White Paper. We were pleased to see that it explicitly draws on Onward’s back catalogue of research. 

Commenting on its publication, Director Will Tanner said:

“Today Michael Gove fires the starting gun on a regeneration revolution. Previous governments have tried and failed to halt the real decline of jobs, pride and opportunity in many parts of the UK and close the productivity gap between richer and poorer regions. This White Paper takes a big step further – by setting out a practical route map to reverse those trends and regenerate opportunity and belonging in every part of the country.”

Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee said:

“The challenge now is delivery. With an election in two years there is little time to waste. Whitehall won’t be able to do it alone, so a big test will be how the Government’s ‘missions’ galvanise action amongst businesses, charities, and community groups. At Onward, we’ll be ready with the practical ideas to support rapid progress.”

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