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Our declining coastal communities need economic transformation


Jenevieve Treadwell, Senior Researcher, writes for PoliticsHome on the importance of reviving coastal economies, discussing our recent report Troubled Waters. She writes:

“The symptoms of decline in coastal areas are obvious: they are poorer, sicker, more crime-ridden and poorly housed than the rest of the country. The first step to solving these problems is to understand them. The first political party that does and comes up with a plan to address them can win a big political prize in the next election.

New research by Onward exposes the scale of England’s coastal decline.”

Read the whole op-ed here.

Troubled Waters: Tackling the crisis on England’s coast

Troubled Waters, exposes the divide between England’s coast and inland areas, arguing for a bold economic and social transformation programme.


Onward Director Sebastian Payne wrote in the i about what should be in the Budget next week.


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Onward's Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee is quoted in Politico discussing the budget and praising Hunt's prioritisation of working families.

The New Statesmen

Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee made the case for more neighbourhood policing in The New Statesman.