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Reducing the demand for government 2) Schools. Tackling the crisis in youth mental health

Conservative Home

Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee writes for Conservative Home about youth mental health issues. He writes:

“But the immediate shock of lockdowns and home schooling came on top of more worrying medium-term trends. Academics like Jonathan Haidt have highlighted the corrosive impact of social media on self-worth, particularly among young girls.

The clearest impact of this crisis is on school attendance. Research from the Centre for Social Justice shows that in the summer 2022 school term, 140,000 children were severely absent – a post-pandemic rise of 134 per cent.

If the answer to a lack of mental wellbeing among young people is ever more medicalisation, we will create a system that is both completely unaffordable and wildly ineffective.”

You can read the full article here.


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