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Rishi Sunak is one misstep away from electoral oblivion

The Times

Onward’s Head of Future Politics James Blagden writes for the Times on the polling results from Onward’s new report ‘After the Fall’, on their implications for the new Prime Minister and Conservative electoral prospects. He writes:

“As things stand, more than a third of voters rated their chance of ever voting for the Conservative Party at 0 per cent. And only about 40 per cent of people who voted Conservative in 2019 say they would vote for the party again today. This is far worse than the party faced in 1997, when 58 per cent of previous Conservatives stuck with the party.

“[…] Voters want to be reassured that the country, and the national economy, is in safe hands. Sunak has to be a different kind of prime minister from his predecessor. To this end, voters say they want a leader who is trustworthy, honest, effective, strong and professional. These are the values that Sunak must demonstrate to the electorate.”

You can read the full piece here.

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