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Sebastian Payne: Millennials are an electoral time bomb under the Tories – but we can win them over

Conservative Home

Onward Director Sebastian Payne writes for Conservative Home about our ‘Missing Millennials’ report. He writes:

“Politically, Millennials stand out as a generation. They are optimists at heart.

They care more about housing and taxation than the population as a whole, but less about defence and transport. They are more concerned about good-quality housing at affordable prices, but are less worried about being unwell and relying on the NHS. They are less bothered about so-called culture war issues than Generation X, but are more opposed to drug legalisation than Generation Z.

As with all generational groups, Millennials are not wholly coherent: the 25-30 year olds have social attitudes more aligned with 18-24 year olds (a particularly liberal outlook on immigration for example), whereas the 35-39 year olds have more conservative views on taxation akin to those over the age of 40.”

You can read the full article here.

Missing Millennials
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