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Sebastian Payne: Reducing the demand for government 4) Families. Supporting all kinds as Britain evolves.

Conservative Home

Director of Onward Sebastian Payne writes for Conservative Home about the family, childcare, and the role of government in those areas. He writes:

“Thankfully, the Government has already seized on this with the generous childcare reforms to help families returning to work by extending free provisions up to 15 hours a week – a package so significant that the IMF cited it as one of the reasons the UK’s growth forecasts have picked up. Anecdotally among my thirtysomething friends and peers, it is one of the few recent policy announcements openly embraced and praised.

But more ambition is needed. Onward’s recent report First Steps set out more proposals to reform the broken childcare market, including a new simplified system of childcare credits and allowing families to frontload child benefit during the earlier years. Intervening at an earlier age will make things better for the state and the economy later.”

You can read the full article here.

First Steps: Fixing childcare

Why we need to fix Britain's broken childcare system.

The Critic

Future of Conservatism Director Gavin Rice wrote for the Critic about why the media’s idea of the centre ground is wrong. 

The Telegraph

Future of Conservatism Director Gavin Rice explains why legal immigration is still rising post-Brexit in the Daily Telegraph.


Sebastian Payne, Director of Onward, discusses the Autumn Statement in iNews.