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The Government’s apprenticeships record makes a mockery of its levelling-up promises

The Daily Telegraph

Senior Researcher and co-author of our report Course Correction, Francesca Fraser, wrote for The Daily Telegraph on how current gaps in the apprenticeship system is holding back levelling up. She writes:

“The system was not supposed to work this way. It was supposed to increase the quality of training to  put apprentices in better stead for future employment. But those who could benefit most from this are no longer being granted the opportunity to do so. This challenge will only become greater at the next election if people in the North of England feel they and their children are missing out to the South yet again.

If ministers truly want to create the opportunities that the levelling up agenda promises, they need to put their money where their mouth is and address these problems.” 

You can read the full piece here.

Course Correction: Why we need to reform apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are failing working class school leavers, and will undermine efforts to level up without significant reform.

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