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The Government’s proposed green levy for hydrogen is unfair and mistaken

Conservative Home

Head of Energy and Climate Jack Richardson wrote an Op-Ed for Conservative Home on the Government’s proposed hydrogen levy. He writes:

“In the Energy Bill, which is making its way through the House of Commons, the Government wants to place the burden of supporting the nascent hydrogen industry on consumer bills, meaning that households and small businesses will be paying. This is deeply regressive: people will be paying the same amount no matter how rich or poor they are.

Going for the hydrogen levy option is a political decision that is a result of the price tag that comes with supporting the industry. At Onward, we’ve estimated that delivering the target of 10GW of hydrogen production by 2030 could cost around £50 billion overall and about £3.5 billion annually from 2030. Put onto the gas bills of households and businesses, this would mean roughly another £118 per year for dual fuel households.”

You can read the full article here.

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