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The one thing the Tories can do to stop Farage


Onward’s Director Sebastian Payne discusses the rise of Farage and how the Tories can quell a UK Reform revolution for iNews.  He writes:

“It was here on the Kent coastline that Ukip morphed from a small fringe party of traditional Conservatives into the vehicle for millions of disaffected working-class voters, starting with the airport and morphing into wider grievances. Travelling up and down the M2 motorway, I witnessed over several years how Farage built what he called the “People’s Army” into a force that reshaped British politics. The key lesson is just how effective he can be at causing headaches for the Tories, if he puts his mind to it.

Farage and his various parties may have frittered away, but fears are rife that his army is about to rise again. Reform UK, his current vehicle, is currently as high as 10 per cent in some polls. If that number was replicated in a general election, it would be likely to cost the Conservatives scores of seats and pave the way for Labour to retake many of its former “red wall” heartlands. Unlike the 2019 election, Reform UK has shown no signs it is willing to stand aside. It intends to run a full-throated populist campaign next year.”

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