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The Tories have a rare moment of credibility – but can Rishi Sunak grasp it?


Director Sebastian Payne discusses the electoral prospects of the Conservative Party as the economy begins to recover.

“Those around Sunak speak of a “change of gear” from the five pledges that have defined his leadership so far. This new era will show – in his words – that they were the “foundations” but not the “limit of my ambition”. A refreshed Cabinet is due but a narrative renewal is as critical, if not more so. Inflation, growth, debt, waiting lists and small boats all matter deeply to voters but they are far from enough to secure the Conservatives a historic fifth term in office.

The latest, more upbeat economic news suggests that the fight against inflation – the starting point from which everything else follows – is being won. With wages outpacing inflation for the first time since Johnson was in Downing Street, Sunak is gradually winning his party the right to be heard again, especially from those floating voters who lost faith in the Tories last year and will be crucial to beating back Labour’s gains. With this flash of momentum, he must be bolder and braver with policy to take the fight to Labour.”

The full piece is available here.

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