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The UK’s most deprived regions received the least amount of public spending over the last two decades

On March 6th 2020, Onward published Levelling Up Growth-Enhancing Spending, a new report into the distribution of growth-enhancing spending marking the launch of the Levelling Up research programme.

Levelling Up Growth-Enhancing Spending

Rebalancing growth-enhancing spending

The Sun

Shocking economic divide between London and rest of UK exposed.

Conservative Home

Research released by Onward demonstrates how much accumulated decision-making the Chancellor will need to unwind if wants to make a dent on regional imbalances, writes James Blagden.


Onward's report 'Levelling up' highlights the extent to which government R&D spending varies across the country, and how changing this will benefit the economy overall.

The Times

London and the South East get more per head in taxpayer cash for transport, housing, innovation and culture, says Onward, a Conservative-leaning think tank, in a report that paves the way for changes to Treasury rules.

The Guardian

In a well-timed pre-budget report intervention this week, a report from the centre right thinktank Onward proposes a series of areas and goals on which Mr Sunak could concentrate.