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Hard truth about voters’ willingness to embrace net zero.

On November 8th we published ‘Thin Ice? Understanding voters’ support for net zero’.

The new report takes a deep dive into public concern towards climate change and how this translates to their willingness to pay more to reduce carbon emissions through the exploration of the findings from a major new poll.

In advance of the release, the Sunday Telegraph published an exclusive look at the findings, accompanied by a comment piece by Will Tanner in which he argued:

“But talk is cheap. It is one thing for ministers to make bold, long-term pledges and for voters to murmur support in principle. It is quite another for them to stomach the costs and disruption that decarbonising the economy will likely entail.”

Find the full selection of coverage on the right, and read the report here.


Thin Ice? Public support for new net zero policies

Understanding public support for tackling climate change and attitudes towards new net zero policies

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Alex Luke, Researcher on the Getting to Zero programme at Onward, wrote for Prospect Magazine about our new report into public attitudes towards tackling climate change and net zero.

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Alex Luke writes for Smart Thinking about how cities policy changes have the potential to help the net zero agenda.