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To avoid wipe-out, Tories must reclaim the centre ground

The Times

Will Tanner writes for The Times on where the Conservatives went wrong and how they can win back their 2019 majority. He writes:

“Electing Liz Truss as prime minister was not the gravest mistake the Conservative Party made this summer. Clearly the outgoing premier has her faults, brutally exposed in the chaos of recent weeks. But the real mistake was believing that the libertarian vision she represented would ever survive contact with political reality. It belied at best a naivety of, and at worst a disregard for, the electoral coalition that gave the party its majority.

“[…] If it is to have any chance of a future as a serious political force the Conservative Party needs to rediscover this brand of national conservatism. It must combine respect for private enterprise with interventionist economic policies to support poorer people and places. And Conservatives need to be strong in their defence of Britain’s security, borders and national identity.”

You can read the full piece here.

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