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We need a good dose of optimism in our politics – especially about climate

City AM

Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee writes in City AM about instilling more optimism into young voters about the environment. He writes:

“But over the weekend, an old friend asked a similar version of the same question. “I just don’t know,” he said, “if we should have kids when things with the environment are so bad at the moment, and seem to be getting worse?” He is eminently sensible – a homeowner in a Nottingham suburb, public sector professional, who should shortly shuffle into “centrist dad” territory. Yet his fears about global warming are stopping him in his tracks.

This wave of pessimism is particularly acute when it comes to the climate. The environment almost always features in the top three concerns of the UK public alongside the cost of living and the NHS. That’s no bad thing – the government needs to be doing more to tackle climate change and improve our energy security. But a staggering one in three young people say they feel “overwhelmed” or “scared” about climate change. Every report of “eco-anxiety” suggests that a rational concern is turning into something more pernicious.”

You can read the full article here.

Missing Millennials

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