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We will resign ourselves to geopolitical irrelevancy unless we re-invest in science


Matt Burnett, Onward’s Head of Science and Technology and lead author of new report ‘Rocket Science’, wrote an op-ed for City AM on the report’s findings. He writes:

“Our current research shortfall is huge. Even if we had simply matched the OECD average, we would have spent an additional £212bn on R&D in the last twenty years. Given R&D is a key driver of productivity it’s no surprise the UK economy is struggling.

“[…] If the UK is to maintain its position as a geopolitical and economic leader then the two leadership candidates need to focus on science. Onwards’ new research, endorsed by former Foreign Secretary William Hague and four former science ministers, displays how desperately we need someone willing to turn the UK back into a science superpower.”

Read the full piece here.

Rocket Science: How can the UK become a science superpower?

If the UK is to be a “science superpower”, we need to rethink our strategy for science.

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