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Wetherspoon’s pubs are more than drinking dens – they’re cultural glue in a world without much of it

City AM

Onward’s Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee discusses the cultural role that Wetherspoons plays in our local communities in City AM.  He writes:

‘In many of Britain’s towns, “Spoons” has become the chief steward of civic heritage. In Darwen, Lancashire, a former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel first opened in 1866 is now a gorgeous boozer. In Harrogate, the Winter Gardens that once hosted visitors to the Royal Baths now offers decent, budget-friendly meals for families. Cinemas that were the peak of 20th Century entertainment, such as The Palladium in Llandudno or The Caley Picture House in Edinburgh, have become staples of the 21st century night time economy.  Many of these buildings are not just busy from morning until night, in towns that too often feel quiet. They are also undeniably beautiful. Careful attention has been paid to original features like stained glass windows, bank vaults and ticket offices.’

Read the full article here.

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