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You cannot ‘level up’ without tackling the regional inequalities in the school system.

On Friday 25 June, we published Lost Learning, which analysed educational opportunity in England and called on Government to initiate long-term reforms in order to respond to entrenched underperformance.

Lost Learning: Exploring the access to good schools in England

Understanding the disparity in educational opportunity across England and why we need a long-term plan to improve our schools.


Unity Howard, Director of the New Schools Network and co-editor of Lost Learning, spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on LBC.

Times Radio

Will Tanner, Onward's Director, spoke to Ayesha Hazarika on Times Radio.


Onward's Francesca Fraser writes for Prospect about the need for Government to address the inequities of the school system within their levelling up agenda.

The Times

Will Tanner writes for The Times about the importance of education within the levelling up agenda