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Younger people are unhappy, unskilled and unmoored – the answer is national service


Director Sebastian Payne emphasises the role of national service in addressing the crises faced by our youth. He writes:

“From Doncaster to London, focus groups are now peppered with fears about the wellbeing of young Britons.

“Mental health of children is dire at the moment,” a teacher from Milton Keynes remarked in one recently. “Lots of people I know are struggling with mental health; a girl at my school killed herself when I was in Year 7,” a teenager from the capital said in another. A hospital worker in Blackpool expressed fears about a growing epidemic: “I work at a hospital and I know [mental health problems] have massively increased.”

These sessions, conducted by Onward, deliver a stark conclusion: younger people are unhappy, unskilled and unmoored. Last year alone, a million people under the age of 18 were referred to mental health services for treatment. The UK has hit a four-decade high for suicide rates among 15 to 19 year olds.”

The full piece discussing national service as a solution to these issues is available here.

Great British National Service

Great British National Service: How national service could develop skills, improve mental wellbeing, and increase a sense of belonging among Britain's youth

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