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Research Programmes

Onward will focus on the most pressing issues facing Britain today through research, events and campaigns. If you would like to partner with us on any of our priority projects, please contact our Director, Will Tanner, here.

How do we tackle Britain’s drastic productivity problem, get median wages growing, better share wealth and opportunity – and in doing so address the underlying causes of populist politics? How do we rise to the long term fiscal challenges facing the country and make a success of the coming spending review?

How do we give younger generations the opportunity to get decent home of their own, earn a secure living and have the chance to fulfil their potential? How do we best respond to young people’s values of entreprise, freedom, and social activism?

How can Britain lead the world in new technologies – from artificial intelligence and virtual/mixed reality to fintech and new energy technology?, How do we get better at turning Britain’s research strengths into great new businesses? How can we master the new social issues that new technologies raise?

How can we build a confident shared British culture as our society becomes more diverse? How do we spread opportunity, and grow employment for groups that are less well off? How do we engage everyone in Britain in our political life?

How can we help parts of our country that have lagged behind, or been left behind, by backing business growth? How can we turn around underperforming cities or struggling “donuts” that surround reviving city centres? What are the next steps in Britain’s bold experiment in city devolution, localism and regional regeneration?

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