Roundtable with Scope

2020-08-12T11:14:57+00:00 August 11th, 2020|Event, Onward|

On 15th July, Onward held a roundtable with Scope to discuss how government and the private sector can support people with disabilities through service design.

The roundtable considered how service and product design can better take account of the needs of disabled people, to ensure that the transition to a more digital society is emancipating rather than exclusionary for disabled people. We discussed how technology can be a tool for lifting barriers to access to everyday services and providing  independence if done well, but how it can be a hindrance if not properly considered. 

The conversation was clear about the scale of the challenge but optimistic about the ability to make real headway if industry, charities and government work together. The discussion highlighted that ensuring design has accessibility in mind from the start is simply a good business decision, and should be considered in all sectors. Therefore, it is crucial that technology developers are given the skills required to ensure accessibility is not seen as something that can be a last minute addition to future innovation.

Please find an anonymised summary of the discussion here

The event was held under Chatham House Rule

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