Roundtable with Facebook

2020-11-05T15:55:07+00:00 April 6th, 2020|Event, Onward|

Onward recently held a roundtable with Facebook to discuss how users can be given more flexibility with their data online.

The data economy is bringing extraordinary benefits to users, from more personalised services to richer online interactions with content, retail and other users. However, the growth of the data economy also creates new questions about who is responsible for data, what it can be used for, and with whom can it be shared. This roundtable considered the key question of data portability: the ability of users to transfer their data between platforms within the data economy in a manner that builds trust and safeguards privacy.

The group found much common ground on the need to improve transparency around how consumers’ data is used and the importance of securing meaningful consent. It was also agreed that data portability should benefit, and be useful to, individuals as well as third parties and data intermediaries. The participants made a strong case for the government to develop a coherent and accommodating regulatory framework – to pick markets and set standards while also backing innovation and growth

Please find an anonymised summary of the discussion here

The event was held under Chatham House Rule

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