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A donation to Onward is an investment in the next generation of ideas and leaders.

We rely on the generosity of our network – people like you – to thrive. All of our research is funded by donations from generous individuals and foundations. We do not accept corporate sponsorship of our research. This gives us complete editorial control over our research programme and ensures that our reports are received on the basis of the ideas within them rather than the logo on the cover.

If you value the work that we do, please support us through a monthly or annual donation. With your support, Onward will continue to generate original thinking about how to boost economic opportunity and strengthen society. Our reports do not just sit on the shelf. They provide policymakers with practical and politically possible ways to make the country a better place to live, invest and work.

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Please note that Onward retains copyright and full editorial control over any written research it produces, irrespective of funding.



We are indebted to our Patrons, who support our core costs through an annual donation of £10,000 or more. Their generosity allows us to maintain complete editorial control over our research, giving us confidence to put forward bold and practical ideas to change the country for the better without fear or favour.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron of Onward, please email our Head of Development, Rebecca Levene.



We are committed to openness. We publish the names of all donors and organisations who give more than £5,000 p.a. twice a year in the interests of transparency.