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Our team brings experience from the highest levels of government, business and other thinktanks to produce cutting edge research and events

Sebastian Payne is the Director of Onward.
Adam Hawksbee is the Deputy Director of Onward.
Anna is a Senior Researcher in the Science and Technology team.
Laurence Fredricks is a Researcher at Onward.
Angus is an Onward Research Fellow and a Lord Bowen Scholar at Lincoln’s Inn.
Ned Hammond is the Head of Onward’s Energy and Environment research programme.
Angus is Deputy Head of Events and Development, focusing on expanding Onward’s corporate sponsorship programme and Business Leaders Network.
Shivani H Menon is a Researcher at Onward on the Levelling Up programme.
Callum Newton is a Senior Researcher on the Levelling Up programme.
Allan Nixon is Head of Science and Technology at Onward.
Gavin Rice is the Project Director for Onward’s Future of Conservatism project.
Zachary Spiro is an Onward Policy Fellow
Ed Winfield is a Onward Policy Fellow
Andrew Barclay is an Onward Policy Fellow.
Ben Greenstone is an Onward Policy Fellow.