Thank you to our supporters

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We are enormously grateful to the generous support of a number of individuals and organisations who have supported Onward financially in our first year. We are a small organisation entirely dependent on the generosity of our network to survive so we really would not have been able to do it without their help.

When Onward launched, we made a commitment to be transparent about our funding. Please find below a list of individuals and organisations who have financially contributed more than £5,000 (or equivalent) during the first 12 months of Onward’s operation.

We do not accept corporate funding for research. Therefore any corporate body listed has supported Onward through event sponsorship or membership of our business network.

This list is updated every six months. You can view the previous release here.



James Alexandroff

Bjorn Saven

Tim Sanderson

Michael Spencer

Martyn Rose

Jason Dalby

David Meller

Robert Walters

Stephen Watson


Trusts and Foundations

Essex Research Trust

Joseph Rowntree Foundation


Corporate event sponsors or members of the Business Leaders’ Network

Google UK


County Council Network


Power to Change



Sensyne Health





Northern Health Sciences Alliance



For more information on the Business Leaders’ Network, click here.

If you would like to support Onward, please find further information about how to do so here