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Onward is recruiting for two senior roles to lead our upcoming programme of research on Levelling Up and to oversee our growing philanthropic network. 

Please find both job descriptions below – please do apply and share with anyone you think might be interested.


About Onward

Onward is the most exciting new thinktank in Westminster. Our mission is to renew the centre right for the next generation by coming up with bold new ideas and reaching out to new groups of people. 

Our team has worked in the highest levels of government and existing thinktanks and we have the networks and experience to turn ideas into practical, popular policies that work. Since we launched 18 months ago we have published 15 research reports, influenced numerous government policies, hosted 25 Cabinet Ministers, built a network of 1,000 young people and averaged 4 mentions in national media a week. 

Our advisory board includes leading parliamentarians, business people and former government advisers, including Lord Finkelstein (Chairman), Martyn Rose, Rachel Maclean MP, Gillian Keegan MP, Tom Tugendhat MP, John Lamont MP, Neil O’Brien MP, Lord O’Shaughnessy, Baroness Rock, Baroness Fall, Craig Elder, James Kanagasooriam, Sian Hansen and Nick Faith.


Job Title: Head of Programme – Levelling Up

Location: London

Salary: Competitive, dependent on experience


Job Details

We are looking for an outstanding economist or policy thinker to lead Onward’s economic research this year. This is a role with significant opportunities to drive our economic research and to take responsibility for one of Onward’s most exciting new programmes, closely aligned to the Government’s own interests and agenda.

You will primarily be responsible for managing Onward’s Levelling Up project, which will consider how to boost productivity and bring prosperity to parts of the country that have not always had either. This will include a serious programme of research into all aspects of regional growth, including R&D and science; investment and infrastructure; human capital; and FDI.

The ideal candidate would be a trained economist with advanced skills, experience working on regional policy in national or local government (in the UK or internationally), with deep links in both industry and academia. Crucially, you will be expected to develop answers to long standing economic problems that are both political and practical.

Within the role you will also oversee portions of quantitative research in each of our other major research programmes. This will involve conducting in-depth quantitative research and economic evaluations yourself, as well as managing analysts to build Onward’s internal capacity.

Job requirements:

  • A strong track record of producing high-quality economic research in a policy or commercial setting;
  • Experience producing highly-engaging written content that effectively communicates findings from economic research to a non-specialist audience;
  • Experience managing and training a team of analysts to produce quantitative research, including ensuring that it is of a high standard.
  • A strong understanding of British politics and the current major policy issues.

You would ideally have:

  • A high level of understanding of economic theory and how that relates to policy creation (i.e. policy costings, evaluating deadweight in policy programmes, etc);
  • A good level of understanding of basic econometrics and proficiency working with and coding in a statistical or economic package such as Stata or R in addition to an intermediate-to-advanced understanding of MS Excel;
  • Experience building political networks and speaking to both media and political audiences

Closing Date: 26 February 2020

Interview/Start Dates

Interviews will take place during the week commencing 2nd March. 

The successful candidate would ideally start after the Budget on 11 March or shortly afterwards, if possible. We may appoint before the closing date is an acceptable candidate is found. 

Application Details

To apply for this role, please send a CV and a one page letter (including links to any relevant previous work) to [email protected]  


Job Title: Head of Development

Location: London

Salary: Competitive, dependent on experience


Job Details

We are looking for an experienced and dynamic person to lead Onward’s fundraising and development and build our already vibrant network of philanthropic supporters. Your work will underpin Onward’s leading research programme and support the development of new ideas that genuinely shift public and political debate and generates new ideas to renew the centre right for the next generation and deliver on the promise of the election result.

You will work closely with Onward’s Director, Will Tanner, and report to Onward’s new Development Committee, which includes some of Westminster’s most connected people. You will be responsible for maintaining close links with our existing supporters, both individual and institutional, and growing a like minded network of people. This will working with Onward’s events team to hold dinners, seminars and other events.

The ideal candidate would be someone who raised considerable sums funding for a non-profit venture or tech startup one summer, managed donor engagement for a political party or candidate another summer, and worked at a leading corporate strategy or public relations firm another.

Job requirements:

  • A strong track record overseeing a deep and diverse network of individual and institutional donors, including high net worth individuals, trusts and foundations.
  • Experience inspiring different audiences and showing the value of a research project or series of activity, including in a political context.
  • A strong understanding and interest in British politics and Onward’s mission in particular

You would ideally have:

  • Experience monitoring donations through monitoring donor requests, receipts and thank you correspondence
  • A desire to get stuck in, learn quickly and take ownership of projects and build a network
  • Ability to speak to and build relationships with leading Cabinet Ministers, CEOs and Chairmen of FTSE companies from Day One. 

Closing Date: 26 February 2020

Interview/start Dates

Interviews will take place at the very end of February or during the week commencing 2nd March. The successful candidate would start as soon as possible.

Application details

To apply for this role, please send a CV and a one page letter to [email protected]