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Young People

Onward was established to galvanise a new generation with new ideas and a fresh approach to politics. Our audience is under-35s and we want young people to be at the heart of our work. That is why we have held events with hundreds of under-35s, one of first research projects has been a major polling project on younger people’s voting attitudes and why our campaigns are focused on issues such as student loans and home ownership.

If you’re signed up to our newsletter, you’ll receive details of all of the above. But lots of people want to be more involved. So if you would like to be part of Onward and contribute your time, ideas and skills to our mission, please tell us.

We are looking for engaged volunteers to:

  1. Join our research community. Sign up to be part of our community of young people we interview to inform our ongoing research, or to conduct interviews with your peers.
  1. Offer their skills. We are looking for data scientists to help us mine government and polling data and designers and producers to create engaging visualisations, video, and podcasts to expand our reach.
  1. Spread the message. Follow us on social media at @ukonward. Tell your friends, share our posts, like our content and leave your comments. If you think it will be worth our while, host an Onward event.

Email [email protected] if you want to contribute to any of the above.