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Proportion of jobs requiring upskilling for net zero, by industry

Using data from the LSE Just Transition Jobs Tracker, we estimate that construction has the highest need for upskilling, with 30% (433,963 jobs) requiring upskilling for the net zero transition. This is closely followed by Quarrying and Utilities with 26% (102,168 jobs), Motor Trades with 26% (150,480 jobs) and Transport and Storage with 26% (388,608 jobs).

Other industries have workforces with a very low estimated need of upskilling. Some industries, such as Accommodation and Food Services, Health and Education have less than a tenth of the proportion of jobs requiring upskilling than Construction. Accommodation and Food Services has the lowest vulnerability, with just 1.6% of jobs needing upskilling (36,784 jobs). This is closely followed by Health and Education who have 1.7% and 2.1% of jobs respectively in need of upskilling (66,725 and 54,600 jobs respectively).

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