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We publish our research through regular reports on the most pressing policy questions.

Our reports use rigorous data analysis and original policy thinking to put forward policies that are both practical and politically achievable for ministers to deliver. 

If the UK is to be a “science superpower”, we need to rethink our strategy for science.
What do British voters – and Conservative voters in particular – think of proposals to build more grammar schools and expand academic selection?
Vote Blue, Stay Green
South Tyneside could be at the forefront of the UK’s green economy, but several steps still need to be taken to level up the area.
Why the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements is so important.
The Government should unleash a wave of devolution to mayors to level up growth and boost their electoral prospects
Forcing landlords to lease vacant shops via a compulsory rent auction could bring up to 58,000 empty high street units back into use.
Onward launches first-of-a-kind programme to help level up left behind areas.
Has the political climate changed on the Government’s Net Zero target?
Apprenticeships are failing working class school leavers, and will undermine efforts to level up without significant reform.
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