Our Work

Our work is focused on the most pressing issues facing the United Kingdom today.

We publish research, hold events and run campaigns to support the policy debate and develop new thinking for the next generation of centre right thinkers and leaders.

Understanding our changing political settlement

Our work on the UK’s changing electoral geography led us to identify the importance of the Red Wall and Workington Man ahead of the 2019 election. The Future Politics programme is focused on the changing values and voting patterns of the electorate and the future of the Union.

Practical and popular ways to decarbonise the economy

Established a year before COP26, the Getting to Zero programme is dedicated to developing practical and politically possible ways for the UK to meet its net zero ambitions and lead the world in decarbonisation. It is supported by ECF and Purpose Foundation.

Repairing the ties that bind communities together

A landmark programme to understand the changing nature of community in different parts of the UK, and explore ways to repair the social fabric of different places in meaningful and practical ways. Our Social Fabric programme is currently supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Shelter and Power to Change.


Reducing economic disparities between places

Our work on the UK’s regional disparities has been the engine behind the levelling up agenda. This programme focuses on bridging the UK’s longstanding spatial inequalities and bringing economic opportunity to places which have lagged behind for too long.